1.5kg Bunny GuineaPigDream BASIC

  • 1.5kg Bunny GuineaPigDream BASIC

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Bunny GuineaPigDream BASIC for guinea pigs contains valuable nutrients, trace elements, plenty of vitamin C, and has a low calcium content.

GuineaPigDream BASIC is a balanced, healthy feed.

The right diet is the basis of a long and healthy life.

High fibre, green foliage plants from South America, the native home of the guinea pig and specially selected bran provide nutrients and roughage.

It also contains a high dose of stabilised Vitamin C, a vital vitamin which guinea pigs are not able to produce themselves.

Brewer’s yeast will give your pet a beautiful coat and the low calcium content helps prevent urinary calculus.

Only the best ingredients are selected and carefully processed using the TriMello technology for gentle pressing.

The tasty TriMellos are eaten in full, ruling out selective feeding and ensuring that your pet has a balanced diet.

GuineaPigDream BASIC at a glance: 21% raw fibre content High dose of stabilised Vitamin C Brewer’s yeast for shiny fur and healthy skin Grain-free 42 different plants from pesticide-free fields Reduced calcium to help prevent urinary calculus No genetically modified products (soya-free because it will be very difficult in the future to obtain non GM produce) A good way to keep your pet occupied Coarse fibrous structure aids dental abrasion * Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular.

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