11.4kg Acana Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

  • 11.4kg Acana Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

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Buy 11.4kg Acana Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food with great savings on special themes with discount offers in our special offers supplies range. Acana Puppy Large Breed dry dog food is specifically formulated to meet the natural nutritional needs of large breed puppies with an adult weight of more than 25kg.

The recipe for this kibble is based on Acana’s WholePrey™ principle and is rich in meat.

It has a very high meat content of 70% and includes a selection of different sources of animal protein of which 1/3 is fresh meat.

It also contains wild-caught flounder which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and nest-laid eggs from prairie farms provide energy and taste.

Acana Puppy Large Breed is low in carbohydrates and has a low glycaemic index.

It is wheat and gluten free.

30% of the ingredients are a lively, colourful mix of local Canadian fruit, vegetables and plant extracts.

These tasty ingredients provide your young pet with all the essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids it needs to develop into a healthy adult dog.

Acana Puppy Large Breed nourishes your young dog the way Mother Nature intended! Acana uses only the best, local products that are delivered to their kitchens from regional Canadian farms and fisheries.

Free-range poultry, whole nest-lain eggs, wild-caught flounder from sustainable fisheries, and locally grown vegetables and botanicals provide your pet with sufficient protein and a variety of nutrients.

The ingredients in Acana food are so naturally delicious and high-quality, there is no need to enrich the food with artificial additives.

Acana is an award-winning company, due to their sustainable practices and their special attention to quality and freshness, and is the perfect choice for your dog.

Acana Puppy Large Breed at a glance: Premium dry food for large-breed puppies and young dogs with an adult weight of 25kg + Natural recipe, to promote your puppy’s muscle, bone and joint development Top quality ingredients: all ingredients are suitable for human consumption and they are delivered fresh from regional Canadian farms or sustainable fisheries every day WholePrey™ principle: mirrors the natural diet of dogs, which met their nutritional needs by consuming prey animals 70% meat and fish content: at least 1/3 fresh meat which provides valuable protein during the all-important growth phase 30% fruit, vegetables and botanicals: for an optimal content of vitamins and nutrients to help regulate digestion Rich in animal protein: with free-range chicken and whole nest-laid eggs from Canadian farms, as well as wild-caught flounder from sustainable Canadian fisheries Low in carbohydrates (25%): enriched with local Canadian lentils and peas that have a low glycaemic index to help to prevent obesity and diabetes, and free from potatoes, tapioca and grains Free from gluten and wheat Botanicals and plants: valuable plant extracts from grasses and botanicals that grow in British Columbia can help to promote a healthy metabolism Free from artificial additives: the high-quality ingredients in Acana provide all the essential nutrients your dog needs in a natural...

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