8in1 Vitality Adult

  • 8in1 Vitality Adult

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Buy 8in1 Vitality Adult with great savings on dog specialist diets & supplements with discount offers in our dog supplies range. Adult dogs can suffer from a lack of nutrients which can lead to deficiencies.

8in1 Vitality Adult multi vitamin and mineral tablets help to keep your pet healthy.

They contain a balanced combination of 11 water and fat soluble vitamins and 6 important trace elements.

This combination is specifically suited to the needs of fully grown dogs.

8in1 ensures your dog gets all the nutrients it needs on a daily basis.

8in1 Vitality is suitable for all breeds.

8in1 Vitality Adult multi vitamin and mineral tablets do not contain artificial preservatives or colours and were developed in cooperation with vets.

For fully grown dogs Suitable for all breeds 11 water and fat soluble vitamins 6 important trace elements No artificial colouring or preservatives Developed together with vets 8in1 Vitality Adult is available in a practical re-sealable container of 70 tablets.

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