Applaws Cat Food 156g in Jelly Grain-Free

  • Applaws Cat Food 156g in Jelly Grain-Free

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Buy Applaws Cat Food 156g in Jelly Grain-Free with great savings on wet cat food with discount offers in our cat supplies range. Applaws Cat Food in Jelly is made from 100% natural ingredients and contains no grains, no hidden fillers, artificial additives or synthetic vitamin mixtures.

It contains an irresistible 56% fish or meat pieces, encased in a flavoursome jelly.

All varieties offer high-quality sources of protein, all of which are suitable for human consumption.

The different aromatic components round off the wholesome flavours of Applaws Cat Food in Jelly, offering valuable natural nutrients.

In every can of Applaws Cat Food in Jelly you will find natural sources of the vital nutrient taurine, which is essential in supporting your cat's heart and eye health.

Each of these wet food varieties uses further invigorating ingredients from nature, including omega fatty acids from fish, vitamins and minerals, and natural enzymes, all of which can have positive effects on your cat's wellbeing.

Spoil your cat at every meal in a delicious yet natural way! Applaws Cat Food in Jelly at a glance: Juicy premium complementary food for cats 100% natural: a limited ingredients list that is free from hidden fillers, artificial additives and synthetic vitamin complexes Grain-free recipe: easy to digest and ideal even for sensitive cats with allergies Minimum 56% meat or fish: optimum supply of high quality animal proteins suitable for human consumption Natural sources of taurine: an essential nutrient for strengthening your cat’s heart and eyesight Vital ingredients: each variety contains different ingredients chosen from nature and rich in vitamins, minerals, valuable enzymes and/or omega fatty acids Variety: delicious options with fine meat or fish chunks in a flavoursome jelly Top quality: producer guarantees the exclusive use of premium ingredients

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