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Buy Eheim Classic External Filter with great savings on aquarium filters & pumps with discount offers in our aquatic supplies range. Proven technology, balanced performance and high efficiency are the hallmarks of the entry model for external EHEIM filters.

The mechanical-biological cleaning process takes place in one process of constant recirculation and aeration.

The layered composition of the individual filters allows above-average operation times and targeted water treatment.

Filter models 250, 350, 600 und 1500XL have a silicon seal fixed permanently to the pump head.

All models are easy to operate and have a safety hose outlet on the pump side.

Included with the filters 250 / 350 / 600: 1 x Filter Sponge (blue) 1 x Filter Pad (white) 1 x Activated carbon pad (black) Approx.

3m hose 1 x Suction tube with intake 1 x Outlet pipe The Eheim Classic External Filter 250 is additionally equipped with a practical filter insert and special wadding for division of the filter media.

EHEIM Classic External Filter 1500XL is particularly suitable for large aquariums, the pump unit can be operated separately from the container.

Furthermore, the EHEIM Classic External Filter 1500XL has convenient drain valve.

Technical Information: 250 350 600 1500XL Name Eheim Classic 250 Eheim Classic 350 Eheim Classic 600 Eheim Classic 1500XL Aquarium Volume up to 250 litres 350 litres 600 litres 1500 litres Pump Performance 440 l/h 620 l/h 1000 l/h 2400 l/h Delivery height / m Ws 1.5 1.8 2.3 3.7 Filter Volume 3 litres 4 litres 6 litres 18 litres Dimensions 8W 15W 20W 65W Dimensions in cm diameter 16 x H 35.5 diameter 18.5 x H 37 diameter 20.5 x H 40 diameter 35.5 x H 57 Required Filter Media for: Filter 250 Filter 350 Filter 600 Filter 1500XL Fine Filter Pads 1 x 1 x 1 x - EHEIM Synth 2l - - - - Ehfishsubstrat 1l 2 x (or 1 x 2l) 3 x - - Ehfishsubstrat 2l 1 x - 2 x - Ehfishsubstrat 5l - - - 3 x Coarse Foam Filter Pads 1 x 1 x 1 x - Ehfishmech 1l 1 x 1 x 1 x 3 x What’s this? Please note: This device is designed for use in Germany and thus comes with a power adapter for use in the UK.

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