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Buy Feliway FeliScratch with great savings on feliway & care with discount offers in our cat supplies range. Marking its territory through scratching is only natural to your cat.

As this scratching occurs, the cat’s paws will release a feline interdigital semiochemical (FIS), which helps to mark the area as its own.

Scratching can also be a result of stress or anxiety.

Whatever the cause, it can present a huge problem for cat owners, which is where Feliway FeliScratch can help.

Feliway FeliScratch is scientifically proven to help reduce unwanted marking behaviour in cats, instead directing scratching towards cat trees.

The species-specific FIS can only be perceived by cats and has the same meaning for each and every one of them.

Using a Feliway FeliScratch pipette on a cat tree works in three ways: firstly, it contains an effective synthetic imitation of the feline interdigital semiochemical, promoting scratching behaviour and encouraging your cat to begin scratching in this specific area.

The discovery of this pheromone works together with catnip and a blue colour to increase acceptance of new cat trees, meaning Feliway FeliScratch can be used to get a cat used to new toys or environments.

(The blue colour can leave a stain.) Studies show that unwanted scratching can decrease in as little as 7 days.

It is also ideal for combining with other Feliway products such as the Diffuser or Spray.

FELISCRATCH from FELIWAY® at a glance: Pipettes (9 x 5ml, last up to 4 weeks) contain an imitation of the pheromone found in cats’ paws, to help reduce unwanted scratching around the house Encourages your cat to scratch in a specific location which sends a strong message to other cats Scientifically proven to reduce unwanted scratching habits Territory marking in multi-cat households: to help reduce this behaviour in places other cats pass through, such as doors, carpets, gardens, upholstery and sleeping areas.

Stress scratching: for cats that scratch when they are stressed or undergoing change Preventative measure: to prevent unwanted scratching in new cats or kittens Improves acceptance of new cat trees or other scratching toys It can be applied to any area designed for scratching, such as sisal or cardboard Reduces scratch marking in 8 out of 10 cats Prevents scratching from beginning in a new house for 9 out of 10 cats Contains a synthetic imitation of the feline interdigital semiochemical (FIS): encourages your cat to only scratch where you want it to Catnip (0.1%): helps to draw your cat’s attention to cat trees Blue colour: imitates scratch marking and supports the detection of the pheromones (will leave a blue mark) Please note: Feliway FeliScratch pipettes will stain scratching posts or cartons blue.

This blue marking is one of the three ways in which this product is so effective, helping draw cats to the cat trees and encouraging scratching in this area.

The blue colour also makes it easier for your cat to discover the FIS pheromone imitations in this product, which stimulate scratching.

Although the blue colouring will fade, it will remain visible on the...

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