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Buy Cookie's Snacks with great savings on dog treats & dog bones with discount offers in our dog supplies range. These snacks create an amazing experience of flavours with a delectable combination of fish and chicken.

Carefully selected raw ingredients guarantee a full flavour and the best quality.

A chewy snack that no dog or cat will be able to resist and that meets all their most important needs.

Cats and small dogs will particularly love the handy single-sized portions in this chew snack.

These chew snacks come in a practical, resealable bag, which keeps the snacks constantly well-preserved and fresh.

Pollock & Chicken Strips: Pollock strips are wrapped in 100% chicken fillets, the crispy snacks for between meals.

These tasty sticks are approx.

9 cm long and 0.5 cm wide.

They are best suited for cats, small and medium-sized dogs, or also young and older dogs which prefer soft snacks.

Pollock & Chicken Roulade: Pollock and chicken fillets rolled into juicy, soft roulade.

The easy-to-digest roulade are approx.

4cm long and 3cm wide.

Due to their practical shape they are suitable for all cats and dogs.

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