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Buy Denta Dish with great savings on dog bowls & feeders with discount offers in our dog supplies range. This Denta Dish is doubly practical and useful, supporting your dog’s health in two vital ways and helping it absorb more of the nutrients in its food.

Its innovative design with soft brushes around the inside helps to support dental abrasion, as well as slowing your dog’s feeding rate to ensure healthy, safe digestion.

This helps to reduce flatulence and other digestive issues related to excessively quick eating.

Denta Dish has been clinically proven to have benefits for teeth and gum health.

Increased dental abrasion helps to reduce the build up of plaque and tartar, as well as gum inflammation.

Other mouth related illnesses can also be actively combated, as well as bad breath.

This blue and white Denta Dish food bowl is dishwasher proof and made from food-safe plastic.

It has an anti-slip base so that it can be easily used even on smooth surfaces.

It is also particularly practical for portioning out your dog’s food, as it has measuring lines around the inside of the dish.

This clever accessory offers double the benefits for you and your dog! Denta Dish at a glance: Innovative dog food bowl with double the benefits for both digestion and dental health 2in1 function: to stop your dog from wolfing down its food, as well as cleaning your dog’s teeth while it eats Promotes tooth and gum health: soft yet effective brushes around the dish promote dental abrasion, reducing plaque, tartar and gum inflammation Combats mouth illnesses and odours: thanks to improved dental hygiene Prevents excessively fast eating: slower eating helps promote healthy digestion and reduce flatulence Integrated measuring lines: to help you easily serve up your dog’s food with both cup and gram measurements Anti-slip rubber feet: to keep the bowl still even on slippery surfaces Dishwasher proof Colour: white/blue Material: 100% plastic Made from food-safe materials, free from BPA and phthalates (plasticisers) Sizing chart for Denta Dish: Size Capacity Diameter - floor space - Diameter - upper rim - Height Dog weight suitable for: S 480ml 21.5cm 16cm 7cm up to 18kg L 960ml 27.5cm 20cm 8.5cm over 18kg

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