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  • Lintbells YuMEGA Dog Supplement

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Buy Lintbells YuMEGA Dog Supplement with great savings on dog specialist diets & supplements with discount offers in our dog supplies range. This Lintbells YuMEGA Dog Supplement is a particularly rich source of unsaturated omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

It helps to nourish dry skin and keep it supple.

It also contains natural nutrients for healthy fur, promoting coat growth and preventing hair loss.

The tried and tested recipe of Lintbells YuMEGA Dog Supplement can show visible results within 3 to 6 weeks and is recommended by breeders and veterinarians.

This valuable nutritional supplement from British producer Lintbells is made with yellow flax and borage seeds.

These ingredients are prepared using cold pressing, a process completely free from chemicals that helps preserve the natural goodness of the herbs.

This oil is then immediately bottled and stabilised with natural vitamin E.

Lintbells YuMEGA Dog Supplement is a premium quality natural product that can help to support your dog’s skin and coat health.

Lintbells YuMEGA Dog Supplement: Made in the UK: by a premium producer guaranteed to only use the finest quality ingredients All-natural nutritional supplement for dogs: No chemicals, only mechanical processing used to extract oil from seeds Fast-acting: with visible results within 3 to 6 weeks Tried and tested: with a proven recipe that is recommended by breeders and veterinarians The benefits of Lintbells YuMEGA Dog Supplement: Helps to reduce excess moulting: Promotes coat growth and condition Helps fight hair loss Rich in cold-pressed, unsaturated omega fatty acids from yellow flax and borage seeds, which help to strengthen hair follicles.

Helps to keep skin healthy and supple: Omega 6 oils nourish and soothe dry skin Linoleic acid supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant from plants helps to promote healthy skin and neutralise free radicals

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