150g Applaws Dog Pate Multipack

  • 150g Applaws Dog Pate Multipack

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Applaws Dog Pate Multipack 20 x 150g is made using only the finest 100% natural ingredients.

Many dogs suffer from allergies, particularly those relating to grains, which can be difficult to digest.

Applaws Dog Pate is made entirely without the use of grains, with a 58% meat content to ensure the dish is rich in animal protein.

Each variety is also made without the use of animal by-products, containing instead exclusively muscle meat and fish fillets to provide this dish with high quality proteins.

The meat in this Applaws Dog Pate comes from species-appropriate rearing, with fish from sustainable fishing.

This food is particularly suitable for dogs suffering from allergies or grain intolerances.

Another benefit of gluten-free Applaws Dog Pate is that it is made without the use of colourings or attractants, as well as artificial preservatives or flavour-enhancers.

The delicious pate is made with juicy chunks of meat to offer healthy, high quality nutrition that provides your dog with all the nutrients, proteins, minerals and vitamins essential for a healthy canine life.

Applaws Dog Pate 20 x 150g at a glance: 100% natural ingredients Available in a range of tasty flavours Minimum 58% meat content Exclusively muscle meat and no animal by-products Meat from species-appropriate rearing and fish from sustainable fishing No grains Ideal for allergy sufferers or those with grain intolerance Free from colours, attractants, artificial preservatives and flavour enhancers Animal protein of the highest quality Gluten-free More information about the individual varieties can be found here: Applaws Wet Dog Food * Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular.

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