6 x 85g GranataPet Filet a la Carte

  • 6 x 85g GranataPet Filet a la Carte

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Buy 6 x 85g GranataPet Filet à la Carte with great savings on wet cat food with discount offers in our cat supplies range. A high quality, natural wet food with unique scents and flavours to really appeal to your fussy feline.

GranataPet Filet a  la Carte contains tender, aromatic fillet pieces that have been gently cooked in their own broth to allow flavour and nutrition.

It comes in a range of different varieties including chicken, duck, turkey, tuna and rabbit, all of which help bring excitement to your cat's food bowl.

The high meat or fish content guarantees your cat receives plenty of valuable animal protein.

Minerals, taurine and other nutritious ingredients have also been included to ensure these dishes are full of flavour, balanced and nutritious.

Each variety of GranataPet Filet a  la Carte contains pomegranate seeds, which are particularly delicious and contain a high content of polyphenols.

These can help to neutralise free radicals, protecting cells and strengthening the immune system.

Salmon oil is rich in unsaturated omega fatty acids, which help ensure smooth, glossy coat and healthy skin.

This premium dish is entirely grain- and gluten-free, made without the use of rice, maize, soya, sugar or artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, which means that even your sensitive cat can benefit from this fabulous dish.

GranataPet Filet a  la Carte 6 x 85g is an irresistible menu of tasty dishes for the fussiest of felines, offering a comprehensive range of nutrients and helping to ensure an active, healthy lifestyle.

The Mixed Pack contains the following varieties: 2 x Pure Chicken 2 x Duck & Chicken 1 x Chicken & Rabbit 1 x Tuna & Turkey GranataPet Filet à la Carte 6 x 85g at a glance: Balanced wet food for adult cats Highly digestible: free from grains, gluten, maize, soya, rice, sugar, vitamin K3 and GMOs, making it ideal even for allergy sufferers or cats with dietary intolerances Juicy fillet pieces: a rich variety of flavours including chicken, turkey, duck, tuna and rabbit, all cooked in their own juices High meat content: rich in valuable animal protein for optimum body condition With pomegranate seeds: unique in scent and flavour, these tasty seeds contain polyphenols, in particular ellagic acids, which neutralise free radicals and can strengthen the immune system Contains salmon oil: protects the skin and promotes smooth, glossy coat With taurine: an essential nutrients for strengthening your cat’s heart function and eyesight Well accepted: thanks to premium quality, flavour-rich ingredients that have been gently cooked Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives No animal testing Made in Germany: premium producer with an uncompromising philosophy on quality * Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular.

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