Lucky Kitty Ceramic Cat Bowl

  • Lucky Kitty Ceramic Cat Bowl

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Buy Lucky Kitty Ceramic Cat Bowl with great savings on cat bowls & cat fountains with discount offers in our cat supplies range. This ultimate cat feeding bowl from Lucky Kitty has been specially designed to meet the needs of your cat.

It has been made from top quality, solid ceramic and stands out due to the wave-shaped ridges on the inside of the bowl, which keep the food in place.

These ridges also help to separate the feeding area when several cats are eating from the bowl at the same time.

Liquids collect in the lowest groove so that they can be easily and comfortably enjoyed by your cat.

The large feeding area and rounded bowl rim are extra cat-friendly, preventing your cat from bumping her sensitive whiskers.

The bowl’s suitably high sides also keep your cat clean and protected from messy leftovers while she eats.

Thanks to the broad gap around the edge of the base, the approx.

1.5kg heavy ceramic pet bowl can be easily lifted and carried, even with wet hands.

This high-quality water and food bowl can be placed in the dishwasher for simple and hygienic cleaning.

It’s also just as quick and easy to use a damp cloth to wipe the bowl, which has an extra smooth surface due to its food-safe glaze coating.

Six dishwasher-proof silicone feet are firmly attached to the bottom of the bowl, protecting the floor from scratches and preventing the bowl from sliding around.

Lucky Kitty Ceramic Cat Bowl at a glance: Ceramic food and water bowl specially developed for cats Ideal for several cats or kitten litters Also suitable for puppies or small to medium-sized dogs With waves and dips: to keep food in place and guide liquids to the edge Central ridge separates the feeding area: to prevent conflict between cats feeding at the same time and encourage social bonding Level rim and large feeding area: to protect your cat’s sensitive whiskers Rounded, suitably high outer edge: for mess-free feeding Food stays fresh for longer even with underfloor heating because the feeding area is not in contact with the floor Food-safe glaze Broad gap around the base edge for easy handling Six silicone feet for stability Designed in Germany Material: very solid, top quality ceramic Dimensions: Total: Diameter 27 x H 6 cm Bowl edge, top: Diameter 24cm Volume: approx.

700ml Weight: approx.

1.5kg Colour: white Cleaning: dishwasher-proof

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