Crispy Pellets Chinchillas & Degus

  • Crispy Pellets Chinchillas & Degus

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Buy Crispy Pellets Chinchillas & Degus with great savings on small pet food with discount offers in our small pet supplies range. The All-in_One Pellets from Versele Laga are a high quality complete food for chinchillas and degus.

Each pellet contains a balanced mixture of all the ingredients your chinchilla or degu needs for a healthy balanced diet, helping to prevent your pet from eating selectively.

The kibble contains a large amount of long plant fibres, and is specifically shaped to help support your pet’s dental health.

It also contains Florastimul, which encourages good digestion, and no sugar is added during the production process.

Essential oils and yucca extract help to support your pet’s immune system and reduce unpleasant odours in their cage.

With Happy Health Mix Pellets – a mixture of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, specifically suited to the dietary needs of degus and chinchillas.

In our high quality fresh pack!

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