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  • Terra Canis First Aid – Sensitive Dog Food

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Buy Terra Canis First Aid – Sensitive Dog Food with great savings on wet dog food with discount offers in our dog supplies range. Terra Canis First Aid – Sensitive is a lean, easy to digest and grain-free complete wet dog food which offers relief to the digestive tract and encourages quick regeneration and recovery from stomach problems.

It is made from nothing but the finest ingredients, all of human-grade quality.

Fresh lean chicken meat or tasty veal provides your pet with essential protein, and is easily digestible as well as low in fat.

Cooked potatoes act as a staple food and an excellent, healthy source of energy, and when combined with the mineral clay can counteract acid formation and revitalise your lethargic pet.

Carrots are an excellent source of oligosaccharide which helps the body get rid of diseases more quickly and efficiently.

To balance the loss of electrolytes, a rich nutrient profile has been added to the gentle base.

Terra Canis First Aid – Sensitive is packed with soothing antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory plant extracts like Chamomile, Fennel, Melissa, Marigold, and black cumin oil.

Coconut dietary fibre provides lots of energy without putting too much pressure on the digestive tract.

All of these ingredients have been fine-tuned to suit the nutritional needs of dogs with irritated or stressed digestive systems.

This tasty food was developed in close consultation with highly qualified veterinary doctors.

Terra Canis First Aid Sensitive provides a great alternative to home-made pet foods and promotes fast healing and recovery thanks to its fresh and high quality ingredients.

Terra Canis First Aid Sensitive at a glance: Low allergen, lean and easy to digest food for dogs Ingredients carefully selected to help alleviate and help with digestive problems Grain-free 100% human-grade quality: all ingredients are fresh, high quality, and are suitable for human consumption Fortified with nutrients: to balance the loss of electrolytes and macronutrients With chicken meat or tender veal: ideal source of lean protein which is easily digestible Cooked carrots contain oligosaccharide which mirrors the structure of the receptor on the wall of the intestine, binding to pathogens and ridding the body of the potential harm Cooked potatoes: give energy without any undue stress, and help to balance acidity levels if your pet suffers from diarrhoea Fennel: acts as an antispasmodic, calms the nerves and eases bloat Celery: neutralises any superfluous acid thanks to its alkaline nature Protein rich cottage cheese:a lean source of energy which helps to balance gastrointestinal tract flora Flower extracts: chamomile, melissa, and marigold have a calming, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect Black cumin oil: a proven natural health product for digestive issues Coconut dietary fibre: highly digestible, lean, and fibre-rich super food Mineral clay: rich in minerals and trace elements that bind and absorb acid and other harmful substances Developed in close consultation with veterinary doctors Terra Canis dog food is a tasty home-cooked-style meal made from natural,...

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