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The basis of a long and active dog life is a species-appropriate, balanced nutrition.

Concept for Life is a unique and scientific-based nutritional concept, which focuses on your dog’s individual well-being and dietary requirements at different life stages.

This range of complete dry food provides your dog with a balanced diet for optimal all-round care.

The nutritional composition has been formulated to meet your dog’s specific requirements and to promote all-round health and well-being.

The energy and calorie content is adapted to suit each life stage, so whether you have a young puppy or a senior dog, you can be sure they are getting all the essential nutrients they need to lead a long, healthy life.

Concept for Life is developed with vets and provides your dog with premium nutrition at a great price.

Concept for Life at a glance: Balanced nutrient mix: Provides a balanced mix of all the important proteins, fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a long, healthy life.

Healthy skin and shiny coat: The vitamin-B-complex, in combination with copper, organically-bound zinc, and high-quality omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, can help to promote glossy fur and supple skin.

Maximum digestibility: High-quality protein, combined with special plant fibre and dietary fibre from linseed and dried beet pulp, all help to promote balanced intestinal flora and stable digestion.

Dental health: The Stay-Cleanâ„¢ complex with highly soluble vitamin C reduces bacterial plaque formation and dental tartar.

In addition, special plant fibres help to mechanically clean the teeth.

Highest level of acceptance: The balanced formula combines lots of carefully selected fresh meat, which are sources of high-quality protein, with functional ingredients to create a balanced mix of premium nutrients.

The resulting kibble is easy to digest and well accepted.

Developed with vets Rich in meat Made with rice, an easily digested carbohydrate.

Free from wheat and soya Concept for Life – tailored nutrition for your pet.

More information about the individual varieties can be found here: Concept for Life - Large Adult: For large breed adult dogs (aged 15 months and over, weighing between 26-44kg).

Concept for Life - Medium Adult: For medium breed adult dogs (aged 12 months and over, weighing between 11-25kg).

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