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Buy Indoor Agility Hurdle with great savings on dog agility & training accessories with discount offers in our dog supplies range. Agility offers sport and fun for both dog and owner, with a great little course of obstacles for your dog to navigate, including items such as this Indoor Agility Hurdle.

Training helps to promote concentration and fitness, as well as helping to build the bond between you and your dog.

No matter whether you want to practise indoors or outside, the colourful Indoor Agility Hurdle is the ideal choice! The hurdle is ideal for small to medium dogs and is made from sturdy foam.

This helps to prevent your dog from getting injured.

Even skittish dogs and puppies can enjoy the Indoor Agility Hurdle, as it will make less noise than a conventional hurdle if it falls over.

The versatile Indoor Agility Hurdle is adjustable to 4 different heights.

No matter the size of your dog or the level of challenge you want to present, the height of the hurdle can be adapted to meet your needs.

Assembling the Indoor Agility Hurdle is extremely simple, with the individual pieces simply being interlocked to form the complete hurdle in just a few minutes.

It can also be stored in a space-saving manner.

The Indoor Agility Hurdle offers your dog a varied daily programme and helps to keep it fit and healthy, as well as deepening the bond between you and your dog! Indoor Agility Hurdle at a glance: Agility hurdle for small to medium dogs, ideal for indoor or outdoor use Made from sturdy foam: removes the risk of injury for safe training Less noise: ideal even for skittish dogs and puppies 4 different heights: can be adjusted to meet your dog’s needs according to size and training progress approx.

20/29/38/47cm Easy to assemble and disassemble: individual pieces simply slot together Space-saving: for easy storage Material: foam (EPE) Colour: blue/yellow/red Dimensions: Total dimensions: 68 x 32 x 58 cm (L x W x H) Folded: 68 x 32 x 13 cm (L x W x H) Please note: You should begin by using the lowest height setting, so that your dog can gradually approach the task with caution.

Please note the following before using any agility equipment: The dog’s muscles should always be warmed up before any training session, ideally by playing a light round of fetch or running.

Never feed your dog prior to training, although treats as rewards are naturally allowed.

Fit the training session to suit the dog’s age, breed and size.

Always have fresh water to hand and give yourself plenty of breaks.

Always arrange and close the training session positively to avoid your dog missing out on the fun of this joint activity.

Puppies and young dogs still growing should only be training following the consultation with a vet in order to avoid stunting growth or damaging their health.

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