Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree III

  • Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree III

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Buy Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree III with great savings on cat trees & cat scratching posts with discount offers in our cat supplies range. Large Outdoor cat tree for your garden, terrace or balcony! This quality Outdoor III cat tree by Karlie is made from weatherproof materials.

The pillars are made from HDPE plastic, wrapped with plastic sisal material – an irresistible invitation for your cat to test its claws! The cosy dens are woven from robust artificial rattan, and the comfortable cushions and base plate are made of easy-clean nylon.

The nylon covers have an Original TEFLON® coating, which makes them easy to look after, rip-resistant and protected against dirt and stains.

The base plate sits on special rubber feet so that it is not damaged by puddles or standing water.

With the Karlie Outdoor III cat tree you can give your cat its very own private spot, either inside or outdoors, that it can retreat to even when the weather is bad.

This outdoor cat tree is a great way to give your cat lots of opportunities to climb, stretch, sharpen its claws and explore, even if you have very limited outdoor space available, for example if you live in a flat where your cat only has access to a balcony, or if there are no trees or fences for your cat to climb in your small garden or courtyard.

Karlie Outdoor III cat tree at a glance: Weather-proof Outdoor cat tree for balconies, gardens and patios Waterproof and easy-care materials: Nylon, poly rattan and plastic pillars with artificial sisal wrap Covered base plate and platforms: Long-lasting protection from stains and dirt with TEFLON.

Very durable, weather-proof and quick-drying Quality materials: Weatherproof and durable Base plate with rubber feet: To keep the cat tree away from damp and puddles Lots of places to scratch and sleep Modern design Colour: brown / beige Max.

required space (with the side platform): 106 x 58 x 160 cm (L x W x H) Base plate (L x W): 78 x 58 cm Den: Total dimensions: approx.

40cm diameter x 21.5cm tall Entrance: approx.

21cm diameter Hammock: approx.

50cm diameter x 13cm depth Platform (L x W x H): 54.5 x 36 x 4.5cm approx.

Basket: Total dimensions: approx.

41.5cm diameter x 35cm tall Entrance: 33.5 x 30cm (W x H) 6 High Density Plastic pillars (HDPE) wrapped in artificial sisal: 8.5cm diameter 2 x 40.5cm 1 x 57.5cm (L) 1 x 46.5cm 2 x 29.5cm Note: TEFLON® is a DuPont brand used under license by Karlie Heimtierbedarf GmbH.

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