Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration

  • Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration

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Buy Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration with great savings on aquarium decoration with discount offers in our aquatic supplies range. This Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration allows you to change your aquarium into a secret underwater jungle, a creative fantasy world or a natural, pleasant seascape.

The savanna wood is resting securely on a slate plate, measuring 20cm or 35cm depending on your preference.

This allows you to combine the Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration with other decorative items to create the optimum design of your dream aquarium.

Thanks to the striking, unusual shape, the Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration is a real eye-catcher and offers the perfect place for your fish to hide.

Wood elements with branches like octopus-tentacles invite your fish to swim through and around, allowing for interesting games and putting all fish, large and small, under their spell! Savanna wood is ideal for decoration in freshwater aquariums and tanks.

It does not require soaking and will immediately sink to the base, with the stable slate feet providing stability.

Combining the Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration with a pleasant background, delightful water plants and other decorative elements allows your ingenuity and creativity to shine through with no bounds no wonder the Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration is so popular amongst aquarium owners! Please note: The root can initially release humic acid into the water, giving it a yellow colour.

Regularly changing at least 20-30% of the water in the week and installing an activated carbon filter can help improve this rapidly.

Kongo Wood Aquarium Decoration at a glance: Decorative element for fresh water aquariums and tanks, made from savanna wood Stable base: elegant savanna wood on a slate plate for stability Sinks immediately: does not need soaking beforehand Individual design: each piece is unique with its own personal features Creative and versatile: can combine with other individual pieces to create a variety of different looks Exciting underwater world: in combination with water plants, backgrounds and other decorative elements that give it a fascinating, eye-catching look 2 sizes: available in either up to 20cm (S) or up to 35cm (M) Colourful, fun tank look: the shape of the savanna wood offers your fish somewhere to hide, swim through and explore

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