MagicBrush DOG Blue Sky

  • MagicBrush DOG Blue Sky

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Buy MagicBrush DOG Blue Sky with great savings on dog grooming & care with discount offers in our dog supplies range. The MagicBrush DOG Blue Sky is a light, handy brush that can help improve your dog's overall wellbeing! It is ideally suited to dogs with short and medium-length fur.

The unique structure and shape of the bristles makes it possible to gently, efficiently care for the coat, as well as offering a massage effect.

Your dog won't be able to get enough! This anti-static brush is also suitable for wet cleaning, removing hairs from furniture and textiles, and ideal for playing it is virtually indestructible! The MagicBrush DOG Blue Sky is made from high-quality plastic following strict EU regulations.

The premium material helps the bristles from bending or breaking earlier than they should.

Kill three birds with one stone with this MagicBrush DOG Blue Sky grooming, massage and play all in one! MagicBrush DOG Blue Sky at a glance: Anti-static brush for dogs with short and medium fur Versatile: for coat care, removing hairs and playing Special bristle structure: allows for efficient yet gentle coat care with a massaging effect Virtually indestructible: made from high-quality plastic following stringent EU regulations High-quality material: reduces early breaking of bristles Easy and handy: can be easily carried around Made in the EU Colour: blue Material: 100% plastic Dimensions: Total dimensions: 16.5 x 6.5 x 3 cm (L x W x H) Bristle length: 2cm Care instructions: washable at maximum 60°C

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