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Buy Malm Dog Kennel with great savings on dog kennels & flaps with discount offers in our dog supplies range. Does your dog love being outdoors no matter the weather? The Malmö Dog Kennel is a stylish solution to protect your dog against sun, rain or snow! The Swedish design in colourful red and white has a large terrace area and small windows, making it an ideal retreat for medium-sized dogs.

The kennel has wooden legs with raised plastic feet, which prevents the wood from soaking and becoming swollen.

They also ensure good air circulation under the kennel, which protects your dog against the cold or wet ground.

The large interior, as well as the spacious terrace mean this kennel has plenty of room for your medium-sized breed dog to always be comfortable.

The kennel has an easy to assemble design and is also easy to clean, making the Malm dog kennel not only ideal for your dog, but for you too! Important: The dog kennel should not be too large because your dog will create a warm environment with its own body heat.

If the kennel is too large, it will not warm sufficiently and will risk your dog getting cold Tip: To make the kennel particularly comfortable for your dog, it is advised to put an insulating blanket inside The Malm Dog Kennel at a glance: Weatherproof and sturdy kennel for medium breed dogs Stylish home: in a stylish Swedish design, with small windows Raised wooden legs with plastic feet: prevents the wood from soaking Good air circulation: protects your dog against the cold or wet ground Lots of space: perfect for medium-sized breeds With a terrace: great for lazing and sleeping Easy to clean Simple to assemble Material: Chinese fir Colour: red/ white Roof coating: asphalt Sizing chart for Malm Dog Kennel Outer Dimensions (Kennel incl.

terrace) (Gable) 103.5 x 114 x 76 cm (W x D x H) Outer Dimensions (Kennel without terrace) (Gable) 103.5 x 72.5 x 76 cm (W x D x H) Inner dimensions (kennel) (centre/ sides) 93 x 57 x 61.5/55 cm (W x D x H) Terrace/Lying Area 89 x 47 cm (W x D) Ground Clearance (Height adjustable) min.

8cm Wall thickness approx.

1cm Roof overhang: Front/ Side/ Back 6.5/ 4.5/ 6.5 cm Entrance 31 x 35.5 cm (W x H) 4 Windows 6 x 6 cm (W x H)

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