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Buy NatureSoil with great savings on aquarium care with discount offers in our aquatic supplies range. NatureSoil Substrate is a 100% natural product enriched with all the most important nutrients for fast, healthy plant growth, ideal for the perfect start to your own underwater landscape.

NatureSoil Substrate is a gravel and substrate fertilizer in one – no extra supplements, fertilizers or substrates are required.

Simply add to your aquarium, plant your vegetation – done! zooplus tip! NatureSoil is an “active substrate”, made of a special mixture of different soils.

Unlike gravel, NatureSoil provides the plants in your aquarium with nutrients and fertilizers.

Important: Put NatureSoil directly into your aquarium, without rinsing it first! This substrate is an ideal product for both beginners and more advanced aquarium owners.

It provides stable water values that are ideal for plant growth, and also provides plants with nutrients and fertilizers.

NatureSoil is the ideal foundation for long-term aquarium success with healthy plant growth and happy animal life.

The advantages of NatureSoil at a glance: available in two pellet sizes: fine (2-3 mm) and normal (4-5 mm) robust pellets do not crumble easily, perfect for long term use absorbs pollutants and helps maintain clean water ideal for plants, fish, shrimp and other animal life that prefers slightly acidic and softer water helps to maintain a slightly acidic pH value and reduces overall water hardness (ideal for many tropical fish and shrimps) specially shaped pellets provide plant roots with optimal oxygen supply encourages the growth of important filter bacteria for biological stability can also be used as filter medium in external or undergravel filters Recommendations for amount of NatureSoil required: Nano Aquarium (up to approx.

30 L): 3 litres NatureSoil 60 cm Aquarium: 10 litres NatureSoil 80 cm Aquariums: 15 litres NatureSoil 100 cm Aquarium: 25 litres NatureSoil 120 cm Aquarium: 30 litres NatureSoil Formula: Length ___ cm x Width ___ cm / 1800 = ___ x 10 litres NatureSoil Important note: Please do not rinse NatureSoil before putting it in your aquarium! Though you can choose to use an additional substrate fertilizer as well as the product, NatureSoil already contains all the necessary natural nutrients for the basic care of many water plants.

For customers with hard tap water (from KH12/ GH18 and higher): even just a few hours after adding it to your aquarium, NatureSoil will already be helping to reduce the hardness of your aquarium water.

Within 1-2 days your aquarium water should have a KH of approx.

5 – 7 and a GH of 9-12, depending on the hardness of your tap water.

The pH value will also fall to a neutral or slightly acidic range (6.8 – 7.0).

If you use softer tap water your aquarium water will stabilize to similar values, thanks to the balancing effect of NatureSoil.

This is also dependent on the tap water you use.

NatureSoil is not suitable for use in aquariums with digging fish (large Corydoras, large L-catfish, perch, etc) Do not use with any artificial substances to harden...

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