Slow Eating Bowl Stainless Steel

  • Slow Eating Bowl Stainless Steel

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Buy Slow Eating Bowl Stainless Steel with great savings on dog bowls & feeders with discount offers in our dog supplies range. Cats and dogs that gobble down their meals can often suffer from stomach pains or problems with their digestion.

This Slow Eating Bowl helps your pet to go slow: The raised central area of the bowl makes your pet eat more slowly – up to 5 times slower than normal.

Slow feeding gives your dog or cat a more relaxed eating experience and can improve their digestive health.

The premium black rubber ring on the underside of the bowl is firmly attached, stopping water and dirt from gathering between ring and bowl as well as preventing it from slipping, even if your pet bumps its nose against the raised middle part or side of the bowl.

The bowl is made from stainless steel, which does not rust; a hygienic material that is dishwasher safe and taste-neutral.

It’s classic design will sit well in any home environment.

Slow Eating Bowl – Stainless Steel at a glance: Bowl suitable for dogs and cats Especially designed anti gulping bowl, to help your pet to eat its meals more slowly Raised inner area: The raised centre of the bowl prevents your pet from eating too fast.

Up to 5 times slower eating Non-slip: with a premium rubber ring firmly fastened to the base, ensuring hygiene and stability Classic design in Stainless Steel: polished finish on the inside and matte on the outside Hygienic: easy to clean and dishwasher-safe Taste neutral Colour: silver Material: rust-proof stainless steel Dimensions: Capacity Diameter - Base- Diameter - Upper edge - Height 530ml 22.5cm 17cm 5cm 1330ml 29cm 22.5cm 6cm

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